the winter and cold climates can prolong the duration of your period and also give you a heavier flow. Keep warm and move around

Can the weather affect your menstrual cycle?

Even though many are not aware of the correlation between the Earth’s rotation and its effects on our menstrual cycles. It is something many women have wondered about, and now a study has been done on this very subject.
Researchers found that as the temperature dropped during winter months women experienced heavier periods, before increasing again in the spring. The reason for this is believed to be because cold temperatures follow an underlying hormonal milieu which influence a woman’s menstrual cycle.
Ever had the winter blues? So can your period! 
Women are more likely to develop painful periods during the winter time. This is because the hormone estrogen begins to drop significantly, which can cause a host of symptoms including cramping, bloating, headaches, fatigue and mood swings.

Although most of the time we want to sit around and move the least possible. It’s best to get moving and get the blood flowing so that it relieves your cramps. 
So do yourself a favor and take a little walk even just for 5 minutes!
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